Xandy & Evelyn

Zouk royalty, Xandy & Evelyn, are one of the most sought after couples at congresses throughout the world! Xandy has extensive training in Brazilian Zouk, Axé, Brazilian couples’ dances, Contemporary, Hip Hop, Musical Jazz, Afro-Samba Orixás and Afro-Brazilian dance. Evelyn is trained in Brazilian Zouk, Lambada and gymnastics. They are known for their uniquely graceful style - infused with contemporary, WCS, Samba and contact improv.


DJ Kakah

No matter where you are on the planet, if it’s a Zouk, WCS or Kizimba social, you’re sure to hear a track with the famous “DJ Ka-Kahhhh” voiceover! Known internationally for her remixes, Kakah is also a producer and dance instructor. She has DJ’d at congresses and festivals throughout the world and is part of the prestigious West Coast Swing DJs Global Association. She is preparing for her first tour in Europe and North America planned to happen in 2015!


DJ Allan Z

Allan Z is one of the leading Zouk DJ’s in the world having residency in two of the largest zouk weekly clubs in the world. Sao Paulo is considered by most the hub of zouk where you can find the most zouk dancers and nightly events.



DJ and producer has starred in such major houses: Hardrock Café, Café Del Mar, Millano Lounge, Icy, W, Club Six, Ilha dos Pescadores, Guapo Loco among many others.


Mafie Zouker

As all good artists with their own special visions, Mafie was not contented with the existed music only and decided to create a very unique style. The music of “Neozouk” is capable to let a person feel every detail of it without solely depending on its beats or marks, and yes, in the ambiance and the sensations this style of music can offer.



Hot off his USA Tour, Kamacho returns for the ZNL Music Festival! "Zouk is the air I breathe" -Kamacho



Known internationally, first time in North America. She has a unique style and has some of the most watched videos online.



He is one of the leaders in the current modern zouk movement. One of the most traveled international artists currently attending most major festivals and congresses.


The first Zouk Music Festival will take place at Baja California’s #1 beach front resort.  It’s a mega beach club we’ve exclusively secured to turn into our zouk beach party.

It’s an incredible venue with concert series sound and lighting! We’re also having it set-up to ensure the best dance experience!  We’ll create a concert show and also enjoy the open air beach front setting.

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